Leading Wire Drawing Dies Suppliers

S&Z Wire Die Co., Limited is among the leading wire drawing dies suppliers in China. We also offer wire tooling systems and drawing die inserts for the cable and wire drawing industry. For more than a decade, S&Z Wire Die has delivered wire and dies drawing solutions that completely optimize wire drawing functions.
S&Z Wire Die Co., Limited has been the pioneer of producing wire drawing dies in Chinese wire die industries. From the wire die manufacturing equipment and process to the ongoing engineering progress that has marked our evolution since ever, we have always stood at the forefront.
S&Z Wire Die has helped thousands of wire drawing manufacturers increase efficiency and improve the productivity of their wire drawing procedures by offering premium holders ad die inserts.
Wire Drawing Dies suppliers produce the dies that are commonly used to minimize the diameter of several ferrous and non-ferrous wires and rods. Similarly, TC Drawing Dies are produced through mirror polish along with a smooth wire entry to make sure optimal string-up and die life.

One of the Finest Wire Drawing Dies Suppliers

Wires are given size by drawing them via a series of Wire Drawing Dies. Each successive wire die has a smaller bore diameter compared to the one preceding it. The final wire drawing dies in the series shapes the wire to its final size.
There are various benefits you can draw from wire drawing dies that include Availability for most wire drawing operations. Also, they are offered in a vast range of diameters. These wire dies can be used in dry and wet drawing applications, while they are also used in pressure and non-pressure applications.
Relying on our workforce, we have successfully made our name among other wire drawing dies suppliers. Our professionals are diligent, talented, dexterous, experienced, and qualified. They are loaded with recent trends and methods for expanding our product range and product improvement on different physical and chemical parameters. We conduct interactive sessions and seminars for upgrading the knowledge base.
Our team has technicians, engineers, warehousing personnel, quality controllers, transportation personnel, and packaging experts. The wire drawing dies are made by using top quality raw materials acquired by known raw materials suppliers.