Top Quality Stranding Dies Supplier in China

S&Z Wire Die Co., Limited is one of China’s major suppliers of Stranding dies. Our dies and other products are utilized in several diverse markets throughout the globe from the motor industry, civil engineering, and mining through to lingerie and jewelry.
Apart from stranded dies, we also offer Nano diamond coated dies, polycrystalline diamond dies, single-crystal diamond dies, enameling dies, and ultrasonic die polishing machine. Our services are given across die management, design, stock maintenance, die refurbishment, production management, and support.
Stranding dies we offer are used by cable and wire rope manufacturers for compacting cables and ropes. We produce an entire range of stranding die for strand or rope production. We made dies from high-grade tool hardened, steel, and tempered, or with a tungsten carbide insert.
The groove profile in the stranding dies is uniquely constructed to provide a highly seamless and polished finish. The dies also can be coated through Titanium Nitride (TiN), or any other coating, to provide specific wear features.
All dies for your stranding, coating, bunching, and compacting processes have quite blended profiles and polished surfaces that enable cable quality and superior performance. A wide array of materials are made available to customers to choose from to meet your cabling needs.

Finest Stranding Dies Supplier

Our reputation as a dies manufacturer has grown. As a result of constructing genuine partnerships with retail customers, we are now providing a high level of technical assistance and concentrating on customer needs.
Stranding, bunching, and compacting dies are used commonly to compact and guide wires to produce cables that typically consist of various electrically conducting wires. Applications of stranding dies include medium, high, and low voltage automotive wires and cables.
Our skilled, dedicated, and experienced workforce is committed to offering quality dies and fully understands the needs of our clients. Quality and job understanding has led us to increased export orders from America, Asia, Europe, and the Far East.
As a quality stranding dies manufacturer, our goal always remains to be a top global supplier of wire dies and tooling for the cable and wire industry while offering the tools and dies of the finest quality compared to our competitors in the industry.