Superior Nano Die Manufacturer

S&Z Wire Die Co., Limited uses unique Nano crystalline diamond composite establishments to get immense productivity improvements compared to traditional diamond tooling. Our flagship Nano die product is the best in town. We are proud of our efforts to get the quality Nano dies to global markets first in 2010 and today we are proving to be the best in the world.
As Nano die manufacturer, we offer for a range of 0.800mm to 100mm for stainless or carbon steel wire, provide a 2% to 3 % improvement in the raw material used for metal shavings.
Cable manufacturers across the globe know the advantages of operating at zero-tolerance oversize. Also, now the S&Z permits this at significantly less cost compared to previous generation diamond dies. We are leading the way in wire and cable technology. We are giving them their tremendously strong surface. We provide the low friction working surface on the die industry. This unparalleled smoothness leads to raw material savings because of less damage being done to the stranded material. S&Z products have high effectiveness for compacting and drawing of aluminum, alloys, copper, and low carbon steel. We have been consistently improving our products’ specifications and options. Also, we are improving in our overall performance through Nano dies technology and improving through growth, and scale of production processes.
Nano dies offer more wear resistance and has an extremely smooth surface with immensely low friction. The dies can also draw stainless steel wire or carbon steel wire up-to 0.6 % C, Aluminum or Alloy wire and nickel silver wire as well as copper/brass tubes and for compacting /stranding copper and aluminum. In addition, we can provide an ideal surface finish holding a zero-tolerance for up to 500 metric tons.

Nano Die Manufacturer in China

We offer Nano dies that reduce stronger and better wire due to the unique diamond technology it utilizes. The diamond coating is quite thin, thus it will not peel off as in the case of a thick coating, thus increasing the life of the die and providing better performance, which is evident by the overwhelming responses by our overseas customers who have used these dies for copper, aluminum, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, etc.
As a leading Nano die manufacturer, we supply the best and quality products from China to the other parts of the world to satisfy their business needs. With the aim of establishing a permanent stand for our organization and we will like to collaborate with more organizations for more researches and tests for improving the quality of our products through advanced machineries.
With an excellent business boom in the wire & cable industry, there is a call for a new science for drawing materials with both good wear resistance and good surface properties, such that the quality of the drawn product by Nano die supplier is not compromised. The revolutionary Nano crystalline technology is the answer to all the advanced needs of the wire industry.
So, if you are searching for a high-quality Nano die manufacturer, come to us.